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Is proud to offer one of the finest tanning experiences in SouthWestern Wisconsin which is now available 24/7!!!


  Our tanning salon utilizes the tanning industries highest rated equipment and offers services at an affordable price for all to enjoy.


  We offer an array of amenities to meet all customer needs.  From single sessions to our extreme Unlimited packages.  We even have Minute packages that can be shared with a friend should you feel generous.


  In addition to a large selection of packages, Fun In The Sun also offers a vast variety of exotic tanning lotions, moisturizers and tinglers.  Our premium blends of lotions deliver superb tanning intensity which allows your natural pigmentation to tan to YOUR max.


  Our staff is very knowledgeable and is willing and able to answer any of your tanning questions.  We are even happy to make recommendations for what might best suit you as the individual tanner.

Fun In The Sun
Is now offering 24/7 circuit fitness
training through LadyFit, a Division
of Fun In The Sun Tanning Salon
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